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    Me llamo Jonatan Martin Ojeda...
    Me llamo Jonatan Martin Ojeda, tengo 21 aços, soy de Santa Cruz De La Palma, Mirca el Morro.

    Mis estudios son la ESO y tengo cursos como dinamización de ócio y tiempo libre en educación infantil y juvenil, secretariado, psicomotricidad infantil.

    En La Palma me sentía ahogado, me veia sin motivaciones solo hice algunos proyectos en verano y en navidad para hacer cosas con niços y jovenes pero necesitaba un cambio de lugar algo que me diera motivacion y ganas de seguir creciendo como profesional y como persona y estoy seguro que esta experiencia va a hacer que me den ganas de hacer nuevas cosas y por eso me decidi a comenzar esta experiencia lejos de todo, porque es una aventura mas que no solo es para recordar si no tambien para quedarme com lo que he aprendido.

    Estoy realizando mi SVE en Terceira una isla de Azores- Portugal con la asociacion AJITER y ahora mismo mis tareas estan siendo de oficina (actualizacion de páginas, busqueda de sócios etc…) solo hay una idea que se me há ocurrido que es dar charlas sobre el bullying por los colégios e institutos y hemos estado trabajando en ello.

    La verdad llevo muy poco com las clases de português solo hemos dado três clases muy divertidas por cierto, pero no es difícil la verdade se entienden muchas cosas y estoy aprendiendo rápido lo esencial.

    En el poco tiempo que llevo me siento seguro de mi mismo, com mas ganas de aprender, sin miedos, mas independiente para realizar mis tareas y muy motivado a comenzar a hacer actividades com jovenes. Me gusta muchisimo estar aqui la verdad. He hecho nuevas amistades sobre todo com mi compaçera de piso y com los que trabajo dia a dia y tambien con otros voluntários.

    De la isla terceira me llama mucho la atencion su vegetacion exhuberante, la gran cantidad de ganado vacuno que ahi en las maravillosas praderas verdes, el centro histórico muy conservado y lleno de personalidad, la cultura y la comida.

    My experience at EVS so far (English):

    Being satisfactory until today, from the first day I have lived many new experiences for me. When I first arrive, we made the visit to the association, the first contact with the work colleagues and also the person who will live this experience with me. The first day of the meeting we talked about a bit of Erasmus and its operation, we met the two guys who were exchanging with us and we talked about all aspects of the project. The second day we gave our opinions and what we expected at the beginning of this experience and also the associations contributed ideas and what they expected of us as volunteers.

    At the conclusion of the preparatory meeting, we visited the city of Angra do Heroismo and also the Monte Brasil, we dined around, etc. The last night we went to dinner at a restaurant in the port and from there we went back to the hostel.

    The next morning we were taken to the airport. And while we traveled my monitor was commented and asking if I liked the island as much as the work of the association and the association in general. My answers were positive but if I have to admit that I was a little afraid to start something new and away from my family, friends and others ..

    And already arrived the big day, the 7, that I had a route a little tired from La Palma to Tenerife Madrid and finally Lisbon where I spend that day. Since I got off the plane I was terrified I did not know what to do or where to go because it seemed all very big. Already, when I got to ask and understand myself with the taxi driver thanks to Google maps I got to the hostel well and rest a little. Then came out to know a little where I was and the truth the surroundings were not very nice, I came from the walk, dine, shower and sleep.

    The next day, on the 8th, I got up, got ready, took my things and I got out by a taxi very close to where I was, then I arrived at the airport and asking I was able to get a little. When I finally arrived at the island Ana picked me up a worker from the association, she took me home and left my things, went to buy what was necessary and we went to the association where we had the first meeting with Joana and Ana, where they explained a Little as much to my collegues as to me the functioning of the association, our tasks, business hours of our place of residence Praia de Vitoria and also those of Angra do Heroismo.

    The first few days were a little complicated since I had to know the place a little, know where I moved, what to do, etc. The first weekend we went out partying with one of the guys who is also going to volunteer in the Canaries and the truth was very good, first we were in Delman and then we went to a kind of disco bar.

    The first weeks of work in the association for me have been boring, a little tired can also be because I got up early, I caught two buses and I was a bit exhausted. I got used to that routine. At a meeting we had with Joana and Ana to see how we were going to contribute ideas, etc ... I thought to give talks about bullying in colleges, institutes. Since the idea taste like we were working on that idea about bullying and looking for information and others, I was the shortest time.

    At the end of this work we present it to see how was the presentation etc ... and well we had to change some things. Already when the presentation was improved, I like much more.

    The second weekend was unforgettable. We met a group of Spanish military pilots who stopped at the island to go to the US, we were with them in Delman, talking and then we went to another bar and from there to a Disco called marginal which was empty but good not bad.
    A little while ago we started the Portuguese classes, I had a great time jajajaj the truth the teacher is very funny and I laugh a lot with her and also learn a lot. The time is very enjoyable.

    The days that we had free for carnival did not do much just some walk around the city or the Praia da Vitória city. On Tuesday of Carnival if we did, we went on a picnic and then as we were near an association of neighbors where they were going to dance as we came to see it and I was surprised very much, I have never seen anything similar in carnival.

    Now we are working closer to home in Praia de Vitoria the truth is much better, we rest more and we do not have to take the buses.

    I think it will be an unforgettable experience in my life and something more to tell in it. Only a month has passed but I am sure that those who come will be better.

    Jonatan Ojeda

    *O projeto "You in Europe... You in the World" é financiado pelo Serviço Voluntário Europeu (SVE) do programa comunitário Erasmus+.

    Sexta-Feira, dia 10 de Março de 2017

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