description Angra com Futuro Fair Gets Enlarged and Moves Location
Diário Insular, October 16th, 2020
description Projeto Sports4Life Widens Horizon
Diário Insular, February 13th, 2020
description Erasmus+ Project Creates Awareness to Economic Opportunities of the Sea
Diário Insular, February 20th, 2020
description AJITER Gets Terceira Island on the European Agenda for Sports
Diário Insular, March 21st, 2020.
description Young Trainners Create Toolkit to Promote Grassroots Sports
Diário Insular, March 26th, 2020.
description Statutes

description Declaration of Public Utility Entity
Published in the Official Journal of the Autonomous Region of the Azores (II series - Number 111, June 14, 2010).
description Sports4Life: Non-Formal Toolkit for Grassroots
Support handbook for young trainers with tips, questionnaires and suggestions of activities to help motivate young people and children to practice sports. Created during the Erasmus+ Sport project, "Sports4Life: Non-Formal Toolkit for Grassroots".

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