Islanders Network

The I-network project aims to support the dissemination of information about transnational mobility of young people in the tourism sector and raise awareness about EU programmes and tools through the creation of a dedicated Help Desk, which will also accommodate among other the e-learning component of the project. This could potentially increase awareness of EU funding opportunities for investing in people in the tourism sector and provide guidance on how to make better use of such funds. Finally, the project aims to enhance the image of tourism careers, through providing a training curriculum and job shadowing programme for establishing a more focused training culture before and after recruitment, including a new form of apprenticeship (shadowing) or business preparation.
The Help Desk created to help young people looking to learn more about tourism skills is available at

 . To develop a new and dynamic tool for young people who live in EU islands;
 . To develop a core of employability skills and competences, focusing among others on entrepreneurship skills, of young people aged 16-30 years old;
 . To propose a job shadowing programme which will allow young people to gain insight and experience via their interaction with key tourism stakeholders;
 . To increase the Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship;
 . To increase of knowledge and skills and acquiring new competences in integrating in the labor market.

 - AJITER (Portugal);
- ENOROS Consulting (Cyprus);
PRISM - Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo (Italy);
NGO Osilia (Estonia);
- Mojo de Caña (Spain). 


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