InterMedia - "Implementation of Interactivity and multimedia-based content using Multiple Devices in Adult Education"

About the InterMedia project:

InterMedia project serves to exchange experiences and to develop digital skills, especially in the multimedia area within the staff of the participating organisations. Furthermore, the development and use of M&I learning materials should be worked out together, brought into context with multiple devices and developed in a comprehensive documentation.

A special focus is put on methodology and approaches to support seniors in this digital-oriented learning and trainings. Furthermore, the organisations will use the gained experience and knowledge to promote Erasmus+ programs - and in this sense especially courses - to all generations in their home countries.

The project aims to increase the knowledge and skills in the participating organizations to create and use M&I content, with particular attention to multiple devices and a specific focus to seniors. .

The project’s objectives are planned to achieve the described goals: :

• Analyses of the use of multiple devices in Adult Education courses. This analysis does not exist for Adult Education currently;
• Analyses and testing of the possibilities (tools) to create interactive and multimedia-based content (dependent of the course environments)
• Analyses of possible platforms that support creating interactive and multimedia content. (Moodle is the standard here, but also alternative options, like some popular and easy-to-use Content Management Systems (like WordPress) as a learning platform will be analyzed;
• Establishment and set up of a community of adult education institutions, which uses multiple devices as well as they develop strategies to develop multimedia-based and interactive training materials.

The planned activities are focused on a practical case study about the versatile use of Multiple Devices, an analyses of available Multimedia & Interactive freeware tools, their usability and possible utilization for planning and developing training content (including the development of examples/pilots). Also, an analysis of possible learning platforms - as described above - will be done. Finally, the findings will be summarized in an “implementation guide”. A special focus is put to develop methodologies that support seniors best. Parallel to these activities networking will be undertaken to create a community of interested Adult Education providers in Europe. An ePale group will work as the core instrument to create this community.

The methodology to achieve the desired results will be based on a cloud-based working platform where the content will be developed ideas will be published there and developed in a joint group process using the classical tools like comments and suggestions. Physical transnational and virtual meetings will be part of the creation process. The project’s result will be several documents summarizing the findings with a central document, the “Implementation Guide for M&I based trainings using Multiple Devices”. Material will be published web based as PDF end ePub but also in a printed version in English language.

The long-term benefits of the project will be the chance of further development of M&I based on the project findings. The availability of appropriate free tools paired with the knowledge of their use and the competence to deliver the M&I based content equally on all currently available devices is the starting point of further developments and amendments in AE trainings.

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The partners participating in the InterMedia project are:
• EBI/EIE (Austria);
• AJITER (Azores, Portugal);
• BrainLog (Denmark);
• EuphoriaNet (Rome, Italy).


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