Testemony: "And Justice For All" (Justy)

"Fantastic week in Szczawnica, Poland, with an exceptional group of people focused and in complete harmony with all the knowledge, practice and sharing that happened there.

The 1st part of this course - 'Transformational Coaching for Youth: Practicioners Toolbox' - was of utmost relevance, timeliness and pertinence and it was really unique to be there 'drinking' all that knowledge and sharing practices and experiences from different contexts and cultures .

The reflections and insights gained helped to fully understand the full potential of using the right tool at the right time. The organizing team, trainers and facilitators were unbeatable and the most valuable experiences and knowledge shared happened as naturally as it should always be.

Special thanks to AJITER for the opportunity provided.
PS: Szczawnica is spectacular! "

Mário Lima

Monday, March 16, 2020

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