Testimony: "MANAS- Music and Nature Around the Sound"

"I loved the project, I loved that it was perfectly imperfect. (...) During the project, I loved the part of the music. The part related to nature had less importance and significant prominence. The Intercultural Nigth was very good. As I saw, the Portuguese group caused more impact on both food and presentation (more for the food).

The best thing about this project was what it usually is, that the participants meet very interesting people, make friends with some, crazy things with others, sing and dance whenever they could even on the coffee break, laugh, cry, drink, fell in love but mostly fun always.
And I am happy to say that this project has become my favourite. "

João Silveira

Friday 31st January 2020

"Under the ERASMUS+ program, with the project" MANAS-Music and Nature Around the Sound "I went on an adventure with perhaps the most enriching and rewarding experiences of my life. The departure for the unknown, totally outside my comfort zone, to meet new people, cultures and environments, consolidated an even greater desire to grow, get to know and assimilate new experiences.

The fear of unknown moments and with strangers was immediately overcome when interacting with those who participated in this program, sealing unique and unforgettable moments with friends who were not friends and that they have become for life. I will keep my most beautiful and unusual memories from them.

Our cultural nights, in the city of Tusa, in Sicily, made me live unique moments, where we danced differently, sang differently, and I was amazed because I let go of an unknown artist who caught me pleasantly off guard. They were nights filled with a lot of talent, a lot of creativity and, above all, excellent camaraderie.
This was, for me, a first flight, the inauguration of many other flights in the future that I know will be better, bolder and with the certainty that there is much more to assimilate and learn.

This is an experience that I want to return to without a doubt, which has made me a more active person, confident and ready for challenges and I am very grateful to all my colleagues, tutors and organizers, for the opportunity given to me".

Vera Corvelo

Friday 31st January 2020

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