V Fair "Angra com Futuro" (2019)

The fair "Angra com Futuro: Mostra de Projetos Empreendedores e Capacitação" results from a partnership between AJITER - Youth Association of Terceira Island and the Municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, consisting of two fundamental aspects: exhibition of good entrepreneurial practices and the training of current and future entrepreneurs alongside the provision of a support network for entrepreneurs.

The “Angra com Futuro” project was designed and has been developed in order to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of young people and foster business motivation, recognizing the importance of sharing knowledge and disseminating good practices in encouraging qualified entrepreneurship and promoting creativity, innovation and competitiveness, fundamental pillars for the development of the local economy.

In the same terms, the establishment of a support network for current and future entrepreneurs, through the realization of a greater proximity with a set of institutions that are relevant to the different stages and daily lives of any entrepreneur, was, in fact, a fundamental element for the development and preparation of young people. In addition to the training actions that integrate this strategy, such as workshops, seminars and actions to raise awareness of the critical factors of competitiveness, there were opportunities for innovation, use of ICT, quality management and customer relations and management policy resource efficient.

As such, the “Angra com Futuro” Fair has achieved substantial success as it seeks a synergistic relationship between its two central strands, both based on the training of new and current entrepreneurs.

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