FUTOR is a long term Erasmus+ project that aims at adolescent learners from the Outermost Regions of the European Union and completing the following stages:
. PREPARING STUDENTS AND THEIR TEACHERS FOR FUTOR (11/2021-04/2022): During the first six months of the project students and their teachers complete a few short and accessible online courses and participate in online seminars and Q&A sessions to become completely prepared for working together online.
. ONLINE COLLABORATION VIA WIKIS (05/2022-10/2022): During the second six months students collaborate with their peers from France, Portugal and Spain using a secure, custom-made wiki page. Students learn to creatively and scientifically reimagine and digitally recreate degraded environments on their local islands.
. LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISM (11/2022-04/2023): Students work locally on one or a couple of issues aiming to induce real change on the ground. Professional assistance is provided by the organisers.

More information at:
Email: info@futor.eu
Facebook: @FUTOR
Instagram: #FUTOR21

AJITER (Azores, Portugal)
Ici&Ailleurs (La Reunion, France)
La Palma Research Centre (Canary Islands, Spain) - coordinator


Co-financed/Supported by