AJITER hosts the final meeting of the project "INTERMEDIA" in Angra do Heroísmo

AJITER hosted, on the 20th and 21st of April, the final meeting of the Intermedia project, which aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of participating organizations to create and use M&I content, with a specific focus on seniors and young people.

This meeting was a crucial opportunity to bring together all partners, namely EBI/EIE from Austria, BrainLog from Denmark, EuphoriaNet from Italy and AJITER, in order to review and assess the progress of the project and formally close it.

During the meeting, the results were evaluated, highlighting the aspects that need to be improved.

This reflection allowed the partners to obtain valuable tools for future projects, ensuring that similar challenges can be better managed and even better successful.

Recognizing the work carried out by all entities involved, the final meeting of the project also contributed to promote a sense of accomplishment, guaranteeing the foundations for the project's objectives to be achieved and used in favor of future initiatives.

The results and tools developed during the project can be found on the official page:

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